We are Patrick and Norma McCafferty, a husband and wife photography team based in Wichita, Kansas.

We believe in living life fully, loving wildly, laughing often, snacking occasionally and capturing memories through scrumptious, beautiful photos.

Patrick is tall, slender, quiet, appropriately behaved and technically able with cameras and machines. Norma is short, robust, warm, silly and adept with people. Together, our differing strengths and qualities combine to offer clients a well-rounded experience.

When you contact us, we are going to ask lots of questions about your session, how you imagine it, and about the relationships between individuals who will be included in the photo session. We love to document family relationships because we think it is so important. We also love to document the start of a family; couples, engagements and weddings.

We Value Our Customers Over Everything Else

We believe every woman is beautiful.

We strive to show her she’s beautiful, even if she’s hesitant to see it in herself.

We believe every child is a powder keg of potential.

We work to capture glimpses of their young, growing personalities.

We believe every family is both a powerful shelter and hilarious playground.

We endeavor to catch their ties to one another.

We believe every couple’s love can light up the world.

We commit to displaying to them how they are better together.

And we believe it is our job to capture glorious moments of all of this to be preserved as heirlooms that will be handed down for generations.

This is why we believe in snacks (see above).